Monday, January 24, 2005

hajj fulfilled

a bit chilly and windy today.
Alhamd, borrowed ridzuan's jacket to masjidil haraam for solat fajr.

6:30 ~ 7:45am
Tawaf ifadah (rukun).
With this, alhamdulillah, my hajj is performed. Now, i need to perform my complementary umrah (wajib).

Stayed a while in haram for dhuha.
Met Saiful Rahman, from Bangladesh. At first I just wanted to walk away (and answer his salam in my heart) when he approached me. Anyway, I shook hands with him and see what’s next.
“Yes.” (hoping he’s not a conman).
“What do you do in Malaysia?”
Hesitated, “engineer”.
He introduced himself as Saiful Rahman, a nuclear researcher of Dhaka, Bangladesh.
We talked for a short while, and before we went our ways, he asked me to convey his salam to his acquaintances from Malaysia – from MINT and from UM, whom he met during a course in Japan not too long ago.
Well I said I could try, while in my mind I pictured Hairul a PPP friend from kempas working in MINT.

Bought a pair of sweater top & bottom for myself. adidas original. SR50. Not a bad bargain.

Visit Naza in her room. Still not better yet. bought her breakfast - fries, kebab, veg nuggets. I pray that she’ll recover soon and could finish her hajj works insyaAllah.


Mat_Yoe said...


Oh, Haji Akmal rupanya. aku baru tau, sebab baru jumpa link ke blog ni. Alhamdulillah. Tahniah bro. :)

Akmal Hizam said...

'Alaika salaam Mat Yoe.
Hehe... biasanya title 'Haji' tu aku tak gunakan.
Dah pasang azam? Target bila? Wife dah ajak pergi lagi, tapi tunggu anak besar siket lah.